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About Cabin

Cabin is building a network city: a distributed network of physical locations with a shared culture, economy, and governance. The MVP of our network city is a global coliving network for remote workers near stunning nature. We are building 10x cheaper and better living environments for people to colive together, conserve nature, and create new things.

Our vision of a new city sits at the confluence of several trends:

  1. Economic: growth of the gig and creator economies, now expanding to knowledge work
  2. Demographic: remote work & growth of digital nomads with location flexibility
  3. Social: tokenized digital communities & the URL → IRL pipeline
  4. Infrastructure: an emerging tech stack of satellite internet, solar power, self-driving cars, modular housing, etc
  5. Governance: startup cities, network states, & decentralized autonomous organizations
  6. Natural: climate change & a renewed interest in building local regenerative systems

About the role

We are looking for a person to join our IRL community at Neighborhood Zero. You must be able to relocate — you will be living about 45 min outside of Austin, Texas. You will be responsible for maintaining community culture and logistical management of our first neighborhood in the network city. Your day-to-day focus will be on building.

This role is a work exchange with an average of 15 hours a week of responsibilities. In exchange, your housing is paid for. This is not a good fit for folks with existing full-time jobs.

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What you’ll do

This program is designed to allow you to build new physical projects in our community based on your skills and interests, while also contributing to existing projects.