Traditionally, being a citizen implies rights, access, and responsibilities in civic, political, and social life. Being a Cabin Citizen is characterized by a similar set of benefits and responsibilities.


Cabin Citizenship is an annual subscription membership to Cabin’s network city. There are three paths to Citizenship:

  1. You can buy Citizenship IF an existing Citizen has vouched for you.
  2. You earn Citizenship for free each year that you hold 1000 ₡ABIN
  3. You earn Citizenship for free by attending a Cabin Week at a neighborhood.

Cabin passports.jpeg

What’s included in Citizenship

Citizens are issued digital and physical passports that give them access to our community’s global adventures, including:

Founding Citizens

In order to plant the seeds of a strong culture, we have distributed the first Cabin Citizenships for free to original community members as a token of appreciation: