TL;DR - a place to raise kids near friends

  1. Background
  2. Problem space
  3. Location
  4. Product
  5. Phases


Projects like The Neighborhood in SF, Radish in Oakland, and Fractal in NYC are demonstrating a successful model for co-housing: put out a bat signal for a small, walkable area of an existing built environment and get good people to move there. This allows people to build a network of nearby friends without needing to build a new place from scratch.

It’s a great fit for people who want to colive in major urban areas, but when people have kids, they often radically reprioritize their lives around places where they can:

  1. get their kids a good education
  2. be around other caregivers
  3. have a bigger house
  4. have safe places to play outside

This is how the suburbs were born. But suburbs designed around cars and single family homes of strangers are isolating. What would it look like to apply the lessons from The Neighborhood to family living? Could we create the schelling points that would allow us to build a new type of Suburbs for Elder Millennials?

See @Phil Levin’s initial docs that inspired a lot of this content here and here

Problem space