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The City Directory contains all of the properties available to Cabin Citizens for coliving in nature. It effectively determines which neighborhoods are inside of Cabin’s city limits. Access to paid coliving offers in the City Directory are only available to Cabin Citizens.

Caretakers (folks who own and care for coliving properties) can post their properties to the City Directory. Their property will start as “an outpost.” When outposts with at least 4 bedrooms with 20 mbps internet speeds receive 1000 ₡ in votes, they become an official neighborhood and a part of our network city.

The City Directory is governed as a simple token curated registry (TCR). This means that holders of ₡ABIN are able to allocate votes to the properties that they think are most aligned with Cabin’s vision of a network of beautiful properties for nature-loving remote workers.

Together, the Census and City Directory serve as a community sensemaking and coordination layer, allowing prospective neighborhoods to find like-minded community members, build reputation, and assemble resources.


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